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  • aprincesslynn
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    Thanks so much for this advice

  • isabibi1718
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    Try texting him and maybe try to just be friends at first. then if you still want to ask him you could bring it up casually or like as a question (“hey i heard someone say you like me is that true?”) or just go with “who do you like” once your friendship is closer. hope this helps!!

  • swirlygirl99
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    He probably lied because it was your sis so he thought your sis is going to tell you Dont worry and if he does not like you try to move on

  • aprincesslynn
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    So there is this boy who came to a church event that I went to as well but I didn’t even know his name and after we got home from an of the event his best friend Ella told me that he liked me so I started texting him of course not asking him if he liked me but just casually texting like friends and then he made a live On Instagram so my sister got on there and said do you like Audrey and he said no and we never talked again any advice?

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