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    same here!

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    So I’ve had plenty of chrushes and only talked to 3 on the phone and I know that starting a conversation is like if you are talking in instagram and he puts something on his story you could reply and then after you reply say something like by the way how have you been

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    Start it off with hello, and transition into what do you like to do for fun. Then share what you like and try to find things in common. Lets just say he likes reading, talk about your favorite book genre. A common liking is Harry Potter, that’s a conversation possibility. To wrap it up discuss ways you could hang out. End with see you later.

  • isabibi1718
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    thanks @jadefeather 🙂

  • jadefeather
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    Hey there!
    I know talking to your crush is awkward in any way, no matter if you are speaking face-to-face, over a video chat, or through text messages. But I’d suggest texting him in a normal way. For example… If he sends you a funny picture, just reply with ‘Lol’ or ‘xD’ like anyone else would.
    If you want to find a conversation starter, just say hi to him. If you really don’t want to sound weird, just tell him what you were bored and there wasn’t anyone else to text.
    Maybe you could ask your crush what he likes to do for hobbies. I understand entirely how awkward that would be, so try telling him that you don’t know what to talk about.
    It’s different and way easier if you are friends with your crush. But, like myself, many people aren’t. So the best approach, @isabibi1718, is taking advice from your own heart. Listen to what it tells you to do.

    I know that probably wasn’t helpful at all, but I hope it was… Well, I guess I’m just horrible at giving boy advice, since I’ve always been single. But I still want to try giving okay advice!

    Hoping that all goes well for you, @isabibi1718,
    ~ Jadefeather

  • isabibi1718
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    Lol i know this is random but i was just wondering if you guys have any suggestions to talk to your crush over text? idk ab u but i never know what to say

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