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  • cuddlekitten
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    If a boy is being mean to a girl, it does not mean that he likes her. It means that he was never taught that a person should be nice and respect everyone. Being mean is an UNACCEPTABLE behavior and I would consider him a bully!!

    If a boy likes you he should be kind and thoughtful and go out of his way to do nice things for you. And if he can’t then he is not worth your time, you deserve better. Love is not mean. Love is respect, kind, gentle, warm, comfortable.

    I agree with you @chlochlokitten personality and how nice a boy is to you is more important than looks. He should make you feel as special as you are!!

  • galacticnarwhal16
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    True that, @drawwithmalik!!!

  • drawwithmalik
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    I understand being mean to your crush but there is a limit. If you’re hurt and do not like how he is treating you, please speak up. There is a big difference between tapping you to bug you and hitting you to cause actual pain. Accept no mistreatment! You deserve to be treated like a Queen and no boy should treat you otherwise.

  • chlochlokitten
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    If a boy is mean to u he likes you. And just because a boy is cute doesn’t mean u should like him you should like him because he has a good personality. Thx for reading

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