Suspious crush

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  • emma-_-bear
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    I think he probably likes you and he was probably just ignoring you because he was nervous. That’s how I was. I would avoid my crush as much as possible so I wouldn’t be awkward around them so maybe that’s what he’s doing

  • just_kitkat479
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    Hmmm I don’t know if he’s trust worthy maybe just go talk to him and see what going on maybe try to figure out if he likes you but it kinda seems like he’s got a crush on u

  • ikelly9130
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    Do u know of anyone who might have told ur crush that u like him? If so he could have know been paying more attention to u because he knows u like him.

  • rarewildpotato
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    well I think he may be catching feelings for u if ya know what I mean! I think you should just take notice of how he acts around you, and then how he acts around other girls so that you can tell and if anything happens update us x

  • bunny_ash
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    On a tuesday i had PE. And when i was talking to Finbar and Chloe, my crush came and stand againist the fence super close to me. He was looking at me and smiling and looking down a little. Idk whats happening. Everything is messed up. Last week and Monday he was ignoring me? Why do you think he was ignoring me and than in PE he was showing signs to me? Whats happening? I think his talking to his friends about me because once i heard him say my name to his friend, in a convosation.

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