Oh no what do I do

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  • singer4life8
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    I have a crush to and he goes to my school and he gave me a note and it said I like you do you fill the same and I was so embarrassed and hid behind my math homework and now where really good friends

  • diaspe
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    He added me back and I didn’t ask any questions

  • moxxo
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    @diaspe just ask him directly that why has he unadded u? Lets see what he replies 

  • abbypotter7317
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    Tell him that and if it gets awkward run. Just run.

  • diaspe
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    The kid that I like goes to the all boy school across the street from my all girl school! I have him on snap and we talk all the time and one day i snapped him saying hey and it said that he unadded me Idk why he unadded me since we’ve never been on bad terms I’m so confused but when I hang out with my friends from his school he comes around so idk. I think he gets nervous around me because I won’t embrace him. I really like him so very much and I can’t see myself without him

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