My Best friend is my crush!

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  • hazel5
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    It’s surprising and a bit sad how everyone has a bad experience with this matter…

    • crafty4
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      love is what counts

  • strawberrycucumbers
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    ok i have hecking exPERIENCE with this. part the crowd.
    i had a huge crush on my friend. her name is sabrina. she’s straight. i ended up just telling her and everything went okay and that’s the whole story.

  • harliegirl22
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    It’s best not to make your best friend your boyfriend bc if you do and you break up, then you have lost a really good friend.

  • crafty4
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    I had the same thing happen to me My best friend started out as my crush and now he’s my boyfriend.

  • christinaisalwayshappy
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    If u like him u should stay his besty for a little bit longer an then drop him a few hints and then tell him u like him an if he says no i dont like him and then u ask him can we still be besty am almost a 100 0/0 sure that hes going to say yes

  • munchie4104
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    I had a very good friend then we started dating but we broke up and when we did we both told each other we want to stay friends, so you never know you can still end up friends with each other like me and my friend!

  • orangedoughnut
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    I know how you feel, I have a friend, and I like him. So I told him, it’s better to know then to never find out. It hurts less. Good luck.

  • hazel5
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    Yes my best friend did like me and we ended up in a relationship and here we are as strangers cause now we don’t talk. It hurts.

  • francaellerman
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    Um… Geez I dunno. Does your best friend like you? If so, you can start, yah know… being more love-relationshipy. But if they just want to be friends, then just don’t say anything and keep on being friends like nothing happened. 🙂 Just my advice.

  • mylifeastyf-2
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    That’s true but most relationships start out as friendships. Some beautiful and some not so much. How long have you guys been friends??

  • hazel5
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    But sometimes it may ruin friendship!

  • silentsinger101
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    Sometimes that could be the start to something very beautiful!

  • crystalglaceon4
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