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  • theonlyallycarr
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    Only if your comfortable with him

  • lovelyprincess123
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  • taya39333
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    If u like him and he’s a good person they maybe say yes or if u need time to think tell him that u need sometime to think on it.

  • savy16
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    Yes But only if you are comfortable with it

  • hazel5
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    Yeah sure why not! As long as he only stays your “friend”, there js nothing wrong in it ❤️ @banele

  • donut37
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    Accept his request? It’s not sims for Pete’s sake. Either you love him or you dont.

  • srozee
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    Well do you like him back?

    • banele
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      I meant to say male friend…yes i like him

  • banele
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    my boy “friend” says that he loves me should I accept his request?

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