I have a crush

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  • christineshenyt
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    First get the courage to talk to him. Then invite him over to your house to hang out. Try to find signs that he has a crush on you back and go from there.

  • emily_world123
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    Oh, why don’t you invite him over and ask if he likes anyone and ask him who and he might tell you but if he doesn’t just keep on asking but say your friend likes him and she wants to know. That’s what I would do.

  • cookies212231
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    @hazel5 yep he is my friend I have known him for 2 years

  • hazel5
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    Hey @cookies212231 so is he your friend?

  • cookies212231
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    @krissy.unicorn.world I have knew him for 2 years

  • krissy-unicorn-world
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    I would ask him to meet me somewhere at the school so if everyone’s around you won’t be pressured you can write it down or you can think about how your going to tell him then wait for his awnser but how long have you known each other

  • smartygal
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    Just talk to him and get to know him. You don’t have to tell him you have a crush on him. @cookies212231

  • Anonymous
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    @cookies212231 Just relax and be confident and tell him if he says something within let’s say 30 secs stay and chat if he doesn’t say anything just walk off

  • cookies212231
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    I have a crush on a boy and don’t know how to tell him help me please…

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