i have 6 brothers 3 of them are younger than me and sometimes can be soooooooooo annoying! how can i stop them from being very annoying?

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  • party876
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    I have to brother who is nice but,annoying!!!!! What do I do? Help me Plz!!!

  • moxxo
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    it depends on how young are your brothers, if they are really young, then they probably just want your attention. so just take out a little time for them, play with them, and then tell them that you can’t play with them all the time cuz you have other work to do as well!
    siblings can be a nuisance but they are a bliss at the same time too. so cherish them. they might turn out to be less annoying once they grow up and can actually become your closest friends!

  • kash-the-glader
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    Well you really can’t stop brothers from being annoying. What I do I just block them out.

  • admin-2
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