How To get a Guy to like you

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  • queenijustini
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    Just be you and make sure you smile! 😊

  • patricks8412
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    I tried to get a boys number and he wrote never gonna happen

  • girlygift
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    that would help

  • moxxo
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    @camille116 number 8 is so truee 💜

  • camille116
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    How to get a guys to like you
    1.Be YourSelf
    2.Talk to the boy alot
    3.Flirt with him
    4.get his number
    5.Fine things he likes and buy them for him
    6.Don’t be shy
    7.Tell him how you feel about him
    8.Don’t Change for him if dosen’t like yoi for you
    9.Laugh At his jokes
    10.If he doesn’t like you he is stupid
    Hoped these helped 🙂

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