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  • girlytz
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    Make friends with d guy u lyk but not bf just yet get 2 know him beta. I’m just 12 so i may not know much

  • chickenlover12
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    Just try to make friends with them!

  • lilythetiger
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    ok thx girls

  • sosodraws
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    I know you want one but… You should wait! If you want to stay with your bf and have a great relationship, wait until 6th grade. I know you want one, but waiting is better than having one for a short time and having heartbreak.

  • jjlove31
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    Here’s a tip find a guy that you think is the best for you and don’t ask him to be you BF until your Positive

  • lilythetiger
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    i want a bf but i dont know exactly how to get 1. im ten and in fifth. im confused what to do.

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