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    Just go straight up to him and kiss him or ask him out the more confident u r the better he will like u that how my bestie got a boyfriend well that’s the advice I gave her cause she was real shy! But all u got to do is be confident

  • xoxary
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    If you like Owen and your bestie wants you to be happy they shouldn’t be that upset, maybe become closer friends with Owen first though

  • evyrgreen
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    how do you have a crush on someone w/o talking to them i REALLY am baffled by all these ppl saying this

    • blazergirl23
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      WOW! Don’t need to be so rude sis!

  • blazergirl23
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    I’ve talked to him….once. But all he said was “Hi Nyah” and I said “How do you know my name?” And he said “Your in my math class” And that was it! And yes my bestie knows I like her cousin. My dad said that me and Owen should go to a basketball game and I said “Heck No” But maybe I could invite my bestie to so I wouldn’t be as painful. 😥😣

  • blazergirl23
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    Omg, thanks for the advice Sister!!

  • caeramcgoff
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    That’s ok! If your bestie is really a good friend…she wouldn’t care who you date. If you like Owen that much, I say go for it!

  • hazel5
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    Hii @blazergirl23 sure we all can help you with our advices. ❤️ have you ever talked to that boy?? Does your bestie know you like her cousin??

    • justaddwater
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      My sister is great help with boy problems so I do think it well help

      • watermelonbomb
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        Start talk to him a lot maybe give him a gift or 2

  • blazergirl23
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    I’m having some BOY trouble, and I was wondering if you sisters could help me. There’s this guy named Owen, and he’s super hot! But……… He is my besties cousin!!(#SpillingTheTea!) I want to become good friends with him but IDK how?😕 Can you Sisters Help Me?!?!

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