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  • kk_ramey
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    Don’t care what they think! It’s prolly better off they don’t like them anyways so you know you won’t have drama😉

  • mnm-_-136
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    That used to happen to me tell your friends that a real friend wouldn’t laugh or make fun

  • watemol
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    Tell your friend to stop or move on with that friend if you like that boy so much because if she’s willing to make fun of you then they or she isn’t your real friend

  • iixedie
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    Say whatever I can like different people then you do!

  • itzmeops
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    Ignore them and don’t listen to anything they say just be yourself

  • forevervictoria101
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    be you and if you like hine like him at the end of the day he is your crush. see how he acts after a week then decide

  • sisterplease
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    So I like this boy, and my friends make fun of me for it. What should I doo????

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