HELP-not”just friends”

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    Yes @morgemma @CiaraMarie11is right. If this boy makes you happy, you should go for it. It sounds like you’re close with him

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    girl just do what will make you happy and dont worry about what outher people think

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    I really need some advice… I’ll give some background;
    so basically I’ve been friends with this guy for about 2 years, we met through a friend group. We were fine being just friends, we talked on the bus, later got closer and found out he liked me. I had a little crush on him and it got bigger the more we hung out. We hung out like friends though. About a month later, nothing really happened and he got a girlfriend. He explained to me that he didn’t want to date me because he “dated” one of my friends way back-in middle school…
    anyways we’ve been casual friends up until he broke up with his girlfriend, which they dated for a year. THEN, he started sitting closer to me, talking more, and whatever. Now, we hang out more, I even went to his house and we cuddled and watched a movie. I think our old feelings are coming back, but i told him I didn’t want to date anyone a few weeks ago. I feel like we can’t date because I truthfully (at the time) told his girlfriend I was just friends with him and nothing else, before I knew they would break up. Also, a bunch of his ex’s friends already don’t like me and will probably talk really bad about me if I ever date him.

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