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  • kindnesscounts
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    Go out with the one you like better…but BEWARE!!!! After you do this, you cannot go out with the other boy or else he will tell your ex.

  • bookhugger45
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    Yeah I had the same problem

  • picietiny
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    Get to know them both better

  • d_goldenrxses
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    I believe that first you have to find out if either of them like you and if both like you I’d say u go out with the person ur closest too cuz u know him way better that the other person and it will be more easier to have fun with him ❤️😉

  • amoria
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    Go out with the one you hang out better but if he says no the other one

  • chloeelizabeth0126
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    I like two guys. One I sometimes talk to, but the other one I hang out with a lot. Even though I liked the person who I don’t talk to a lot first, I like the one I hang out with a lot better and more. BUT THEY’RE BEST FRIENDS!! I have no idea what to do

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