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    ig it’s falways fine to like someone, but guys that are older usually only want one thing, Andy if he gets that one thing he could go to jail for talking to you or dating you because the agre diffeence is 6 years , plus he may go off to college, you could always find someone your age or maybe 2-3 years difference would walways be ok

    – hope I helped 🤞🏿🤞🏿🤞🏿

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    Well you’re just 12 and he’s 18. I was in the same situation at 12 years old. He was my neighbour tho. That crush of mine on him went away in 2-3 months. He even had a girlfriend. So don’t do anything about it for now. It’s gonna go away, just give it some time. Maybe you’re just attracted to him. It happens at that age. You’re entering puberty, and its just your hormones speaking. So yeah don’t do anything about it right now. Wait till you’re older. Maybe 16 or something. Get into high school and then think about it. Who knows you may even get a new crush that’s your age. All the best!💛

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    12🤤what about u

  • brynnp14
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    How old are you

  • annanovellino
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    i have a crush on my brother’s friend he is 18🤪what do i do???!!!!

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