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  • siennamueller
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    First of all, are you friends with his gf? If you are then tell her and explain that he did it to you and you didnt do it. If he does it again then tell him that he has to stop because ha has a freaking gf!

  • paisleybear45
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    I agree with you :/ he’s being a player and that’s not right. Also, did u enjoy the kiss? Did he force u to kiss him? Get an adult if that ever happens to u. No one should be forcing u to do something u don’t feel comfortable with. Don’t kiss him, even if u like him. He’s someone else’s bae and that wasn’t right.

  • alyza
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    first of all that’s not right. I agree with other girls the guy doesn’t sound right. tell him you are not comfortable in such a situation.

  • just_kitkat479
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    I mean if you like him just talk to him and tell him it’s not right but if you don’t like him you should tell his girl friend.

  • guerrero7402
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    Well, I think this should not be right because if he doesn’t takes seriously the relationship he is in right know idk if he’ll take seriously a relationship with you so take care and see what is he up to

  • hazel5
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    Why is he hiding that from his girlfriend? I mean to be honest , but this guy doesnt seem right. He has a girlfriend aready so why is he behaving like a single boy. Ask him what he is upto… @maibelyn.03

  • maibelyn-03
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    We were on the bus and he kissed me cause we were playing around and he kissed me and his gf is the jealous type and today he wanted to kiss me again but I said no cause he has a gf and now people want us to kiss and if we don’t they will tell his gf sum that is a lie

  • maibelyn-03
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    But he kissed me on accident and he does have a gf 😬

    • avascores21
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      Could you give us a little more context on the incident. Were you just walking, he walked up to you, and kissed you? What exactly happened? Also, what type of person is his GF? What does she like to do? Do you know her well?
      If these questions are answered, it will help me further help your situation!

  • zooeydog
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    Are you sure he has a girlfriend? Maybe he doesn’t really like her. If he did, he wouldn’t have kissed you. @maibelyn-03

  • maibelyn-03
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    What do I do if a guy kissed me but he has a gf?

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