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  • bunny_ash
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    what does ur heart choose

  • jlrochester
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    Idk y’all I really really like them both. Should I just go for the first one too ask me out?

  • lanathekiddo
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    Hmm maybe pick the first one you like?

  • bri0099
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    So many people can relate, when the time comes you’ll know which one you would pick

  • hotcoco64
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    What are thay like

    • jlrochester
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      There actually a lot alike both shy and both don’t talk too much and there both adorable😂 now that I think about it there like almost the same person

  • lgbtqmaddie
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    It’s totally fine to like more than one person! I mean, I’m crushing on about 5 people. Don’t feel pressured or inclined to have to pick one person.

  • kayluv
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    you can list the pros and cons and whoever means more to you yoy shoukd like them. its not bad to like more than one person in my opinion.

  • afree
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    I have the same problem!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • jlrochester
    Post count: 103

    I like two guys and I can’t decide which one HELP

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