Heart break

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  • pastelunicorn_14
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    Some guys r like that. But from what I have learned is that nothing can be solved with just one statement and then a goodbye. You need to have a good civilized conversation with him about why he’s doing what he’s doing. And if he won’t tell you then I advise u to just give him some time to think things through. Hope everything gets better soon. 😄

  • hazel5
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    Why did he say so did you ask @liviboo274

  • taya39333
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    What’s going on do ui. Why he said that to you did something happen?

  • moxxo
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    @liviboo274 so he broke up with u? guys generally say “its for your own good” to cover up the horrible realities of a breakup. does he like someone else? or maybe some pressure from family?

  • awesome_ashlyn
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    Did he say why it would be good not to be friends anymore?

  • liviboo274
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    So this guy that I love and have had so much memories with has said not to be friends anymore and says it’s for our good but idk because I love him so much and I don’t wana give him up

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