Girls not boys

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  • evyrgreen
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    nice ! you might be bi

  • girlpowerisshowing20
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    Ok chill everyone! I’ve got it. But you can look at my new post that I am about to make in the boys section.

  • hazel5
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    I completely agree with @caraboo11 🙂

  • ladylovelace
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    That, for me is normal. Tweens and teens have a very complicated emotions and feelings. Like you, I also had a crush on my girl bestfriend once. Just don’t overthink about it. You’ll be able to sort it out soon.

  • ellixo
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    Sounds like you’re bi. It’s great to know that people are asking about stuff like this but it’s normally too early to know for sure. I’d hold out a bit longer before giving yourself a label just yet. If you really want one, sexually ambiguous is a good one.

  • poddofaria
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    Hello! I personally believe that it is possible to understand what type of person you like at a very young age because I understood that I like girls at the age of 6 and that still has not changed (I am 20 now).
    It’s very true that you should take your time with yourself and wait around the age of 15 or older to begin investing time and effort into romance – for now enjoy your life and learn more about both the world and yourself as you grow. =^)
    However, your feelings are valid and there is nothing wrong with them, no matter how young you are – you may be bisexual, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Give yourself time and see where life takes you, good luck!!

  • caraboo11
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    You are only 9 years old, I doubt very seriously anything happening right now is going to be significant when it comes to sexuality. Most girls don’t start puberty till at least 11. Until you get your first period, you can’t really be sure that the hormones are doing what they are supposed to. I wouldn’t pay much attention to crushes/feelings until then. Plus there I the chance that you could not be feeling anything really, and are just being influenced by the media to think that having feelings for boys or girls is normal at your age. It’s not! When your 15 it’ll way easier to know how your feeling. Trust me. Until then, I would just relax and try to enjoy being an kid, you’ll miss it when your older lol.

  • queenxox
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    Hey! You’re probally something called bisexual, its when you like boys and girls and that’s perfectly fine, but this might not be certain. If you feel any more feelings for girls then you are probally bisexual, but wait until you’re a bit older to determine that because it can be confusing at first. 13 or 14 is a good age to determine your sexuality. Just try to explore around your sexuality, your future will be fine, but some people may not be open to this and may be rude towards you, but there is NOTHING wrong with being gay, bisexual, or transgender, ignore the people who give you a tough time, you will be a normal human, your future will be perfectly fine. At your age, it’s a little too soon to determine so don’t worry about it.

  • girlpowerisshowing20
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    So I have a problem so for years I liked boys but now I also have feelings for girls and I’m trying to figure this out cause I don’t feel comfortable sharing this on any old website cause missoandfriends is the only online place I can share personal feelings what do I do how will my future end up like it could take years to make this decision girls or boys or both I might even take till I’m 13 I need help it’s my first crush on a girl hope i can feel better and tell me if you can relate to this

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