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  • beauty-inside
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    I think you should go up to him! Face your fears.. I did.. I went up to my crush and straight up said “hi I like you”!! You go girl! Ps I hope it works out

  • bellathebest
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    You need to step up!!! Show your not afraid or waiting…. Girls don’t need to wait…. What if the boy thinks you’re a……… “damsel in distress” You don’t want that title I promise.

  • caraboo11
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    If he is looking at you it is probably because he wants to get your attention. Smile and wave at him. If he waves back, walk over and start a conversation!

  • alyssamtb
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    Help there’s this boy I like and we go to the same school he’s a redhead kind and well let’s say my bff told me he likes me, my other friends introduced me to him, now I’m scared for the next years dance, will he pic me if we were in the same class? I need advice

  • livime03
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    Now, I’m not an expert or anything but, there is nothing wrong with going and saying “Hi”, after saying hi, maybe you could ask how long he’s been playing hockey? That could get the conversation moving atleast until you can think of anything else. lol good luck. 🙂

  • admin-2
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    Say hi back!

  • Anonymous
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    Of anything, he is looking at YOU so I think you should expect him to go up and talk to you since he likes staring at you so much. Believe it or not, it seems as if he has an attraction towards you, which is maybe a reason why he is staring at you. If he doesn’t seem to wanna talk to you then you may have to go up to him and introduce yourself. I hope this helps.

  • djgalaxygirl-2
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    Hey all you lovely girls so I’m new and I need help, Ok so there is this hockey boy that goes to my Skating rink where I skate at and everytime I see him he looks at me and idk if I should go up to him and say hi or wait for him to say hi! What should I do???

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