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    This is kind of mixed up 😂 But, I would know what to do if I was allowed to walk by myself and hang out with friends independently but I never done that before thats why I come on the internet 🙂 But this is definitely weird and funny! @cherry4444

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    So On Friday, September 28, 2018, there was a high school football game that was open to both middle schools in my district. So my friends and I decided to do a carpool and we would meet up with some other friends at the football game. So most of the popular guys in my grade are very flirtatious and like to hit on me. So at the game, one of the guys told his friends from the other middle school my name and the other guys started asking for high fives and a fist bump and they kept on calling my name. Before I knew it there were like 10 guys surrounding me asking for fist bumps and high fives. My friend she bought bottles of water at the concession stand and she started splashing water on all the guys and it was super funny. The guys from the different middle school started to say “She splashed water on me and he kept on giving me fistbumps. One of the guys looked like they were 5 years old but they were in 8th grade like me. 😂 Another thing happened. So my best friend has a friend who she took to the game with her. So I was hanging out with that girl. Let’s call her Lea. So I had never met Lea before but we immediately started bonding as soon as we met. So Lea thought this guy in my grade at my school was cute and she really wanted to talk to him but she was super nervous because he was always around his friends. She soon got the courage to talk to him. She did not like him she just thought he was cute. She wanted to tell him that she thought he was cute but she never got the courage to tell him. She asked me to tell him and so I did. I can’t believe I did that. I don’t think I will ever see those guys again but I kinda want to to see what they would say when they see me again. Maybe at the next football game, I will see them. Anyways, I just needed to vent to you guys. Please reply back and let me know your thoughts on this weird situation.

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