Does he like me??

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  • siningbeast3
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    Well, look… we all know that girls can go off for nothing when in comes to boys. Thats just how this generation worked out. What I suggest is to suddenly drop hints, like bring presents on his birthday or you could leave him a note telling him what you noticed. I would say go for it but theres another girl involved. Think about it…

  • dorkygirl123
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    Tell him you like him it works trust me

  • galaxy_girl
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    Guys, Matt just told me yesterday that he broke up with his girlfriend!!! What should I do?!?!

    • lily_c123
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      Give it some time and then after a while you should ask him on a date or wait and see if he does!!!

    • dashagurl
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      Let him make a move 🙂

  • robynnnxo
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    I think he might like you and when he splits up with his gf he will go for you. Don’t make first moves! Let him do it x

  • moxxo
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    @galaxy_girl well the advice i can give u is that dont make the first move, since he already has a gf, he should decide who he wants. or else it ll become very confusing!

  • evyrgreen
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    sounds like hes just your friend

  • bookhugger45
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    Idk what to say

  • iconicjakayla
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    I mean if he ask for your number and HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND I think he might like you but is not comfortable telling you but I think he wants to be MORE than friends

    • galaxy_girl
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      Thx a lot!!!

      • queenijustini
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        I agree. Sounds like he’s interested in you. Just make sure he’s over his girlfriend before you proceed bc it could get difficult otherwise. @galaxy_girl

  • galaxy_girl
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    So there’s the boy I know, let’s call him Matt. So Matt is rlly cute and I kinda have a crush on him. So a few days ago he asked me for my phone number and I found him looking at me all the time. But he has a girlfriend, does he like me or just wanna be friends??

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