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  • mrsjess
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    Try talking to other boys to make u more confused. If he rejects you just remember he’s the one who should be sad for missing something great.

  • bee16
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    You never run after a guy!!!! Let him come to you. Also, you will know if a guy likes you or not.

  • basketballdancem793
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    Never have a friend ask for u, guys like a confident girl who can do sum for herself. U don’t necessarily have to tell him, but make it a little obvious that u like him

  • moxxo
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    @dimond946 well you dont necessarily have to tell him. show him through your gestures. try talking to him as a friend. it might make it less scary for you

  • dimond946
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    How do I tell a boy that I like him without freezing up because I can’t talk to boys very well should I ask my friends to ask them for me to see if they like me or should I ask them by myself I’m just afraid I might get rejected I need help.

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