Crush texting

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  • hazel5
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    Hey @bunny_ash just message him like whats he doing or how his day went or something. Don’t send him dots and all because he might find it awkward…

  • moxxo
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    @bunny_ash i agree with everyone. rememberif u become awkwardhe ll alsobget really awkward. so just relax and talk to.him like u ll talk to a normal person

  • amethyst123
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    The only reason you’re texting him things like that is because you’re worrying to much about what to say just act like you’re texting a friend

  • missoofficial
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    @bunny_ash find out what he’s up to, what’s his favorite subject or what he’s really good in, fab sports etc. hope that helps!!

  • lalagirl2114
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    @bunny_ash mayb ask him some questions like how is his week going or what is he doing this weekend? Or u could ask him about music and other things u like. Don’t just text him nothing. I know u wanna talk to him but it’s not worth it to say nothin like that cuz it’s awk

  • bunny_ash
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    So i have my crushes instagram account and i have been texting him awkward things like.. dotts and all that. What should i text my crush i have no idea what to say?

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