Crush probs

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  • cheetahlover497
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    Try to talk to him. I have the same situation. And give it some time for him to start a conversation, time always helps:

  • dopeprachi
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    Me and my crush haven’t talked in a very long time. We see each other everyday though and we were kinda friends. He broke up with his girlfriend about 25 days to a month ago and they dated for almost month. But he looked VERY sad today and he probably was crying too. Idk what was the reason for that and I’m pretty sure their breakup wasn’t the reason. But it just made me really sad seeing him cry and I really wanted to comfort him and ask him what’s wrong and if he was okay. But as I said we don’t talk anymore so I thought it would be awkward or weird to do that. But seeing him sad just makes me even more sad. I really love him but he doesn’t feel the same way about me. What do you girls think I should’ve done or if it happens again what should I do?

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