Boys are weired

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  • picietiny
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    Boys are weird things but he was probs embaresed coz he likes you! Talk to him

  • itzmeops
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    if u really like him tell him don’t just wait for things to fix up or blow up in your face.because he could move on at any time.

  • lolanna15
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    Okay so I like this guy at school and my friends say that he likes me back. How my BFF figured out that he likes me was that after the Justice Wolf meeting(we were both accepted) I asked why he joined and that I didn’t know that he was interested in it. He said he wasn’t and said bye and ran off embarrassed. I told that to my BFF and she talked to my crush’s BFF and he said that he didn’t want to be in Justice Wolves. So she said that he likes me. I was super nervous and embarrassed to ask him if he was okay with being in Justice Wolves. He said “uh yeah, sure” in a quiet shy voice. Then my friend said ask him if he has a girlfriend. I could not speak for the rest of the period. I did manage to get a smerk out
    of him when I said that I liked his tiny pigtails. He can be a jokester. I got another one out of him in social studies. He was flossing bad but I couldn’t help myself. That’s when another girl found out and the rumours started. By lunch, he was scared to death to talk to me. We are normally friends. I lied to him on my way to math and said the rumours were fake. He said he was sorry for freaking out and we knew we would never be more than friends. A few days later, I was doing a presentation on great white sharks. Then a kid said they were evil. Just when I was about to disagree, my crush said that they weren’t. Then I was all like ” yeah did you know that people kill about 100,000,000 sharks every year?”. Then I brought up that I watch lots of nature shows. Then he made that same smerk again, but stopped it cause he remembered me saying “I don’t have a crush on you”. Now I have no clue if he likes me back or not.

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