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  • hazel5
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    What kind of stuff? @holly2379 please talk to an adult about it♥️♥️

  • missycc
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    is there a grown up you can talk to? i find it helps talking to older people when i have problems

  • ayoooitsniya
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    Don’t do anything your uncomfortable with believe me you’ll regret it if your not ready because I made the same mistake once by doing something I didn’t wanna do but I wanted him to like me so if he really likes you he’ll understand that your not ready if not then that proves he isn’t the one for you. Hope this helps

  • queenijustini
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    Don’t do anything your uncomfortable with. Not sure how old you are but honestly don’t rush into anything. Be friends with him and do fun stuff like watching movies together, going out to eat for a burger, maybe a hike or something active.@holly2379

  • banele
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    Never do something just to satify a person, If he real love you he will respect your feelings and wait till you ready to do some “stuff”

  • donut37
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    What stuff are you talking about?

  • anna-elizabeth
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    What kind of stuff like hanging out?

  • xxmaddiepxx
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    Honestly if your relationship is going great and your over 16 then maybe just say “I don’t want to thanks though;)” But if you’re under 16 and your relationship is very new then say “No! I’m to young and want to explore this relationship before we have it.” “And if you don’t like that then it’s over”

  • holly2379
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    I need help what if I guy asks you to do stuff with you and wants you to do stuff with him . what do I say ? I really want to say no but I don’t want him to not like me anymore cause I like him a lot and maybe he thinks it’s the right time to start doing stuff but idk

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