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  • hazel5
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    Its okay! Half of my friends are boys and trust me, with boys there is lesser drama and complications 🙈🙈 even though girls rock @fantasia_ms

  • lolanna15
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    That’s good, about half of my bofriends I have had were my best guy friend. You can get to know him better, it is always the relationships that start slow that last for a while. Try to get to know him better if you need help getting him to like you faster, I can help by telling you what happend and how we met. just comment on one of my posts”help please” and I will respond. I will help but in return, I ask for one thing, be my friend.

  • blueoreo11
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    Same. I be had three crushes in the past year or two and I’ve only become friends with one of them

  • angie_rose99
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    Hey at least it’s good you become best friends with them! Some people are too shy to talk to guys they like so that’s a step up

    • annafan_
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      Same here! My friends laugh at me when I tell them about all my crushes.

  • fantasia_ms
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    I’m a bit boy obsessed and it’s funny cause I start to like a boy and then I’m friends with them like bestfriends so I guess I’m still boy obssesed

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