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  • leilanies
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    U should date him who cares about age difference nobody should judge

  • gracieboobear
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    If you think that is the true lover of your life I would maybe do more for him make him feel interested in you and dedicate your time to him if he offers you something say maybe I will think about it so then he dose not think you are crazy lol 😂 but that should do the trick hope you are good

    • cutemidnightprincess
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      lol about the crazy thing i don’t want to scare him away right but back to what u were saying can u explain that a little more

  • cutemidnightprincess
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    so i have this crush and my friend force me to tell him and i did but when i asked him if he liked me back he said i don’t know we get alomg really well we talk to each other all the time and like hanging out woth each other but their is one problem i am 14 in the 8th grade and he is 16 in the 11th grade what should i do????

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