boy trouble

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  • forevervictoria101
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    they might like you or know something you dont

  • ddqueen
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    They might like you.

  • hazel5
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    Maybe one of them has a crush on you . Did you find out who? @bunny_ash

  • rhukelbenson345
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    I think that they probably like you

  • lolanna15
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  • catty102
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    I think that one of them likes u

    • avajcool
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      I totes agree one of them likes you!! I was kinda in the same situation but with just one guy.

  • bunny_ash
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    So i have a little crush on a guy. my excrush and him has been standing closer to me. they keep on looking at me idk why. (so much eye contact with my crush lol). its been happening all day. what do u think.

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