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  • bananagirl7
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    I would say ignore him and his friends

  • angie_rose99
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    Well I’d say just ignore him. Especially if him and his friends are smoking. If you don’t like him, you don’t like him. Even if there is that tiny chance you may have a crush on him still, these guys may try to influence you into smoking so it’s best to ignore him

    • manchiko
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      thanks but yh i have little crush on him

  • chloe127
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    Maybe try talking to your ex-crush one on one about it

    • manchiko
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      i tried but i think now he likes me

  • manchiko
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    hi i have one big problem. in my school there are boys from 9th grade and one of this boy was my crush but now he isn’t . He and his two friend think that i like him but i don’t. also this boys are smocking weed and cigarettes and they are all dirty minded. Help me how to fix this problem

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