BFF <3 Crush

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  • hazel5
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    Yes! That was a greaat decision!! Good job! And i love how you are so strong @singingbeast3

  • taya39333
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    It’s gonna be hard but maybe it’s best for you, & your friend to let him go it will probbaly hurt u the most to keep thinking about him. U need to find someone who likes you back

  • zodini
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    you should have stared at

  • justinigirl
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    Sounds like you did everything right. Can’t do much if he likes someone else. Just get to know him better for now. 👍@SingingBeast3

  • singingbeast3
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    I have a crush. His name is Camden. He’s nice, funny, smart, and he just is soooo… idk cute! The sad thing is he likes my friend. And my friend likes him. I just decided to forget about it and play it cool. He doesnt even know me anyway. I sang in the talent show and he walked over to me and clapped. Stupid me just smile/laughed and walked away. Was all of this a good decision?

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