• It’s best not to make your best friend your boyfriend bc if you do and you break up, then you have lost a really good friend.

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    So here’s an update on my drama. Today Brandon said he was into me and he wanted to date me, but I told him we should get to know each other a little more. And he totally cool with that. I think I love him! And Q and B had a fallout over me. But they din`t get suspended this time. B said he loved me since the 2nd grade. (Because me and Q`s younger…[Read more]

    • @hayoo PLEASE HELP ME!!! You seem like you know your stuff.

      • hayoo replied 4 weeks ago

        Okay this is VERY complicated. What I need you to do is to calm down, and tell me who do you want to date and who exactly do you have feelings for?

        • I think I have feelings for Brandon but I’m starting fall for River even though I shouldn’t. There’s just something about his eyes.

      • hayoo replied 4 weeks ago

        As far as River is concerned, he seems to handle the situation very immaturely which I do not expect you to do. If you know all that he is saying is untrue, then it’s best to avoid and block such people out of your life.

        On the other hand, I feel it is too early to take things forward with Brandon. You need to know him and YOU need to like him…[Read more]

      • hayoo replied 4 weeks ago

        And it’s okay, we’ll get you a solution. Relax 🙂

        • Thank you so much for your advice!!!! As for how today went…… well let’s just say that River wasn’t exactly the nicest towards Brandon. But Brandon took it very maturely. He never insulted him back and he never pushed him back. He just walked away. And as for River towards me, he was not the gentlest. He twisted my right arm and now it really…[Read more]

          • *pull me back in

            • WHAT?! HE HIT YOU AND YOU STILL LIKE HIM?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Brandon seems like the one, No boy in this world has the right to hit you! That’s insane and inhumane!

            • I tokhad something like that happen to me idk why but this boy used to hit me I liked him anyways and it was cute at first till he started hitting me to hard , then it started getting annoying.

          • That has happened with me too.And I still dont understand why I still like my crush.Well it it did not annoy m so much at first but…then I gave up on him.One day as a revenge on him,(I got really annoyed)I turned all his actions back on him.And as @hayoo said NO BOY HAS THE RIGHT TO HIT YOU,LIKE NEVER,IF HE DOES SO,WHY SHOULD YOU BE SCARED…

            • Yeah, i Do not get this hitting logic. Please just don’t waste your time on such people who do not know how to treat you well.

    • Put your foot down! Stop the madness.

  • Did something happen that you’re saying this?

  • Yes I have.
    I try to keep it normal and divide my time among the two as they’re both equally important to me. 🙂 It’s a bad situation though.

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    So, if you followed my old account, you might know about my boy drama. If you don’t , basically I had a crush on my friends older bro (Q) but he was taken so dated his best friend (B), who liked me,and then Q told me he liked me and Q and B fought over me and got suspended and i broke up with B. Because I realized I’m quite the player myself and…[Read more]

    • You should tell him how you felt when he called you ‘my girl’ and first get to know if he meant it or was he just saying that to get you out of trouble at that point.
      If he shows some interest or passes hints, then obviously tell me how you feel about him and what’s going to happen next.
      But tbh, relationships are useless and don’t last longer so…[Read more]

    • Also, if you consider yourself a player, then I don’t think you should play with Brandon’s feelings

      • I know, but I asked my friends if I was a player and they said that they think I am getting played more then me playing somebody else and Brandon doesn’t seem like the guy who lets girls walk all over him. But I’m going to take your advice and get to know him more before anything else. Thank you so very much!

      • hayoo replied 4 weeks ago

        Staying single is also an option instead of playing with or being played by. If you really like someone, love him, date him and BE WITH HIM. Wait for him and incase you break up, wait for things to settle down, try talking it out than moving on to another guy.

    • You did the right thing!

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    so me and my friend like the same guy but we think he’s a player so he played her so now we tried to pal him back by having me ask him ou and see what he says. i did and he was like u are asking me out and walked away. i do really like him and wanted to ask him out but……. i made me feel like I’m ugly and he would never like me and then he just…[Read more]

    • if he’s a player there’s no use. boys like that think so highly of them self they don’t realize people only like them for their looks. his personality is probably cocky. I wouldn’t waste my time on him. Unless he is actually nice, I would get rid of that crush.

    • I think you should move on and look out for the right guy. Your friend’s EX can not be your guy.

    • You constantly have drama with boys and friends, girl you need a vacation from life. Good luck.

      • I really do or from drama😂💯

        • Now what happened he told his god brother which I like and I think who likes me that I asked him out which was a prank and now his god brothers mad and saying he doesn’t care about my feelings and called me a f girl

    • Player boys take things such as this very lightly,so there is no point in asking them at all

      • I felt bad and was gonna tell him I dident like David but it was to late he blocked me on facebook and now I have no was of talking to him so I guess u only realize u like them till u let them go

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    I’ve never got attention from boys.Does that mean i’m ugly.

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