Percy Jackson Series

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  • kathy2502
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    Those are my fav books… I read them all time

  • cookiesandcream120
    Post count: 8

    I’m a huge fan! I read all the books!

  • that_one_real_girl
    Post count: 18

    I loooove the series!!!

  • caraboo11
    Post count: 132

    I’m a fan!

  • gamechanger
    Post count: 652

    The first book is great! your gonna love the series. ;D

  • simplyamermaid
    Post count: 8

    I am starting to read the first book and it is really good. I’ve seen the movies but I really want to read the books before i seen any of the other movies.

  • gamechanger
    Post count: 652

    Is anybody a fan of the Percy Jackson series am a fan my favorite book so far was The House Of Hades and right now am reading the book The Blood Of Olympus! 🙂

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