Harry Potter

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  • laylaellie-blog
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    If you live in the U.K. Then try Asda because I have seen it there if not you could get it online bc that is where I get most of my books as I LOVE Harry Potter as well!! Good luck

  • thegirlonfire
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    Sorry but I have to say DEFINETLY Dramione (Draco and Hermione)

  • malordred
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    I love Haryy Potter.

  • hooloo21
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    I don’t really like Harry Potter.. R.I.P me lol

  • hazel5
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    Yeah!! It was so annoying to see she didnt end up with him. They looked cute together aswell! @galacticevelin

  • hazel5
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    Hermoine and Harry should have ended up togetherrr!!!!!!!! @galacticevelin

    • yield
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      I love Harry Potter

      • galacticevelin
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        I know right!!! #potterhead that means Harry Potter fan btw

    • galacticevelin
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      True they have gone through a lot together and they have kissed some times aswell

  • galacticevelin
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    I first heard of Harry Potter when my mom read it to my when I was 7 and after I watched it but I seriously cannot find the cursed child I’m dying! Btw this is how Harry Potter charecters should’ve got married
    Ginny + Dean
    Hermionie + Carmox
    Neville + Luna
    Ron + Lavender
    Harry + Cho

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