Best Book

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  • sidneygraceculwell
    Post count: 32

    The Ruby Red Trilogy! All of them!

  • zwivhuya
    Post count: 92

    Born a crime by Trevor Noah

  • horselover080603
    Post count: 123

    @harlierose black beauty

  • abbypotter7317
    Post count: 41

    It was the order of the pheonix until sirius died. Then deathly hallows until dobby and fred died. Then Wolf hollow until toby died. Wow. All the books i read have at least one sad death in them!

  • xo-sian-erin-ox
    Post count: 18

    By Midnight. XD
    I meant by Leo Hunt.

  • xo-sian-erin-ox
    Post count: 18

    12 Days of Midnight by Midnight, it’s creepy and full of drama, but still gives you that happy ending that makes you smile like an idiot. XD

  • xo-sian-erin-ox
    Post count: 18

    Hunger Games is great!!

  • christinem
    Post count: 112

    So far, it’s been To Kill A Mockingbird.

  • amedoodle
    Post count: 27

    I ❤ graphic novels and Mrs.Smith’s Spy School for Girls

  • horselover080603
    Post count: 123

    Black beauty
    The Hobbit
    Mara daughter of the Nile
    And the golden goblet

  • vaidehibharatte
    Post count: 148

    My favourite book is tom gates

  • moxxo
    Post count: 1610

    @harlierose sweet valley and famous five. Also hunger games is sooooo good💕💞😵💚

  • harlierose
    Post count: 530

    What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

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