Who has a birthday in November?

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  • hazel5
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    My best friend is a November baby!! I’m so excited for her birthday this year! @stargazer10

  • nicolacat637
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    Mine’s the 20th 🤗😀🎉

  • britishgalbeauty
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    just can anyone relate to not knowing what theme you’re going for? – can’t be in the pool, can’t be in the snow, can’t be anything great. hmph

  • megs5540
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    My birthday is November 1.

  • caraboo11
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    No @stargazer10 but I have a friend and her’s did. Her birthday is November 23rd

  • stargazer10
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    Is it falling on Thanksgiving this year? @caraboo11

  • caraboo11
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    My birthday is in November, sometimes it even falls on Thanksgiving.

  • mrs-pretty
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    my dads and my cousin birthday is in november

  • gleniferbueno
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    meeeeee!!! proud to have my bday 11/11

  • stargazer10
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    My dad is Nov 30, my cousin is Nov 28. Anyone else know of anyone who is a November baby?

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