should I go

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  • ddqueen
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    You should. If you have strong feelings for him. It will let you get to know him and build a stronger connection. It will also let you know if You have a good shot of being with him . If you get the feeling that you may not be ready don’t go until you know that you are committed to build a relationship

  • jadelavender
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    I think you should totally go! If you don’t feel uncomfortable going, then don’t go. But if you feel it’s going to be awkward give it a shot!!

  • moxxo
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    @jerseykuntz hey yes u should definitely goo

  • leafgirl
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    If u want to go but if u feel uncomfortable going dont go

    • justaddwater
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      If you what him to like you then go but be carful he may break you heart

    • justaddwater
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      It happened to me sorry

    • justaddwater
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      I hop it did not scare you to not go

  • jerseykuntz
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    so my crush invited only a few people to his birthday party and i was one of the few and i dont know if i should or not

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