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  • cuddlekitten
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    I’m turning 9 and I have an iPod touch. No phone until I’m 13 or 14. I’d probably lose it anyway. lol

  • teryer
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    @_cOrGiZ_aRe_AwEsOmE- how are you on girl 2 girl wall

  • morgan-celie15
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    It’s ok, you’ll get it eventually!

  • donut37
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    Don’t worry hon! I just got my phone and I’m 13! Also having a phone promotes a lot of insecurities and also sometimes inappropriate stuff pops up!

  • chlochlokitten
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    WHAT I’m 9 and I have a phone 😱

  • skybluesplash
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    @_corgiz_are_awesome I’m twelve too and I just got my phone at the start of this year 💜

  • hazel5
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    @_cOrGiZ_aRe_AwEsOmE- its very normal. I dont have one either and I’m 14!

  • juhachi
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    that’s depressing also isn’t this app 8-16

  • juhachi
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    you have a computer dum how did you write this

  • Anonymous
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    I got my phone on the last month of 6th grade @_cOrGiZ_aRe_AwEsOmE-

  • missycc
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    i was 16 when i got my first phone

  • moxxo
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    @_cOrGiZ_aRe_AwEsOmE- how do you use misso app?

  • xxpeachyallyxx
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    I got my first phone a month before my 13th birthday lol

  • _corgiz_are_awesome
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    I’m twelve and NO PHONE

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