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  • cutekawaiipanda103
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  • zwivhuya
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    You should definitely go 😁😁😁Make fun awesome memories with your friends😎What is the theme?

  • hazel5
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    Omg sounds so exciting! I love proms!! @cutekawaiipanda103 Do go! Enjoy and update us ❤️❤️❤️

  • janessagirl
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    go have fun

  • brynnp14
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    You should do a bun hairstyle with pieces curled in the front, and you should definitely go. Dont feel like you have to get a date, go have fun with your friends!

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    @phoebe_bunny I’m not going with a date and I don’t have a crush I’m going friends

  • phoebe_bunnie
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    Talk to your crush THEN pick a sups cute dress and then go if your crush doesn’t like it if someone asks if you want to dance say yes and then rub it in his face 🙂

  • xxloveforlifexx
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    maybe…wash,curl it,and put hair spray on your hair.For the dress maybe a classy black with sprarkles or something.Put on some blush,eye shadow,RED lipstick,and BOOM.Do your nails.Ik that sounds like ALOT but you dont get to go to PROM everyday.Go with your friends or your crush i may not be a high schooler but I DO know how to look amazing.You can be yourself and have FUN!!!

  • harlierose
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    Don’t be scared.. It’s just a prom and you should go. Just wear a simple and beautiful dress, make a lovely hairstyle and wear some jewelry if you want. 😍😊

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    im pretty sure im ginna go im in grade 6 and prob just gonna go classy just like a cozy white sweater and yoga pants im good

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    i feel like I donut hair like when your whole hair is down and you have a bun on top xD

  • donut37
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    Go with friends… where a dress your style that if it’s for s prom is kinda fancy and just brush ur hair XD and ma be look up stuff to do with ur hair idk

  • ihatephilosophy
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    I wouldn’t go cos I’m an introvert but go if u want. U do u

  • missoofficial
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    You should def go! Should be fun! Date or no date. Go with your bffs!! A cute dress short or long! Ask your friends what they are wearing.

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    OMLLL!!!!! THE SCHOOL PROM IS IN 2 WEEKS And IDK WHAT TO DO!!!! should i go.or not?? I dont want a date most of the school only the great 8s are mostly dating. Im scared!! What shouldIwear? or Do my hair? (THATRHYMED!!) OML IM SOOO.SCARED #IMSCARED

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