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    idk, I have ADHD and I get overwhelmed easily and when I get overwhelmed I act angry. And sometimes when I’m angry I act mean. I don’t mean to though! Not at all! And I almost always apologize as soon as I calm down or as soon as one of my close friends calms me down. Probably a 7-9 though.

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    I think I’m 8. But if i become mean then i am 10/10 mean … @bananagirl7

  • bookhugger45
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    7 or 8

  • smartygal
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    I think I’m a 8 too! @bananagirl7. I am always smiling and pleasant to most everyone but every now and then someone might bug me a bit and then not so nice! 😬

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    @bananagirl7 i think i am 8. because I over emphatise with peoples feelings, I also try to be helpful in giving advice and all. however what I am not that good at is consoling people

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    Are u nice how nice are u on a scale from one to ten (be honest)

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