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  • justcallmesarcastic
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    Just give a good clothing sign that makes you look like your for sure a girl (I used to have the same problem)

  • dancer12dance
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    just be yourself and let it grow naturally

  • hazel5
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    Aloe vera + olove and coconut oil @catty102

  • moxxo
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    @catty102  normally i would say just ignore people,  esp if they r like bullying yoj.  However if its really bothering you and if u feel that ppl unintentionally mistake u,  than try putting girly hair clips on them till they grow,  so that people dont make this silly mistake? also castor oil is AMAZING 💙

  • hooloo21
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    Wow. If I’m not sure about someone’s gender, I just say them or their, ya know? Still, very RUDE. You might just have to wait for it to grow out. I hope this may or may not help

  • soccergirl81
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    If someone calls you a boy they are a jerk be true to yourself love your beauty

  • itmebrooklyn
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    Been there

  • razzy_dominicana
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    Use Castor Oil That Helps😊

  • cass_mallory-13
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    Brush through it vvvv well when doing your hair!! It cause your hair to pull out a little every time you brush it!! And when you wash it, massage your hair, its actually vvvvv soothing and grows your hair longer😊😊

  • pastelkitten
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    Cut down on shampoo. Is your hair curly? If it is, use co-wash instead of shampoo (shampoo absolutely kills curly hair). Also, use MORE conditioner, healthy hair will grow faster 😊

  • liv_carr
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    My hair grows super fast and I take multi vitamins for hair skin and nails. So maybe ask if you can get some

  • bookhugger45
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    I have curly hair and that happens all the time with me just ignore them

  • catty102
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    My hair style is a bob and people mistake me for a boy. Any techniques on how to grow hair longer.

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