How to get rid of dark lips?

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  • hooloo21
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    I’m no scientist but I don’t think they do that..

  • hooloo21
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    Oops after reading the comments I guess it does…

  • riyagupta
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    I think you should Exfoliate your lips with a mixture of sugar,honey and lemon to get pink really helps to remove dark cells.and yeah putting lemon juice is also a good idea😉

  • hazel5
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    If your lipstick has zinc in it, then it will turn your lips black for sure if you use it regularly. Best is to use lip balm now! Its okay, it will be fine dont worry! It happens @azalea_aurora

  • miss-jiheexoxo
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    yeah i have heard if it. It happened to my cousin. What about putting on some lemon juice?

  • taya39333
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    If you do not remove the stain properly before sleeping, and then wake up, and wear the same lipstick again, yes. Your lips might turn discoloured and darker.Try putting lemon juice on your lips.🍋🍋🍋

  • zooeydog
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    I’ve never heard that wearing lipstick will darken your lips unless you are wearing a lip stain. Those can last a while so is that what you used? I would also suggest to keep you lips moist with a colorless lip balm too. Hope that helps!

  • harlierose
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    Try to use good quality products and remove your makeup properly before sleeping. Use honey and granulated sugar scrub twice a week, it’s really effective.

  • donut37
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    You can’t change it…… I’m sorry makeup makes peoples faces age….

  • azalea_aurora
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    My lips are turning dark. A friend told me that’s because I wear lipstick regularly. Is it true that wearing lipstick on a daily basis will make lips darker? How can I revert the color of my lips? Please Help.

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