Hair Dye Advice

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  • harlierose
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    Blue Ombre, Rose Gold or maybe Dark Sea Green.

  • hazel5
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    Pick any of the peacock 🦚 colors!! @maentdoodle

  • imperfectlyperfect
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    Depend on your hair and eye colour I think 🙂

  • bellasernaa10
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    Light blue or do a rainbow chunk

  • kawaiineko
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    Depends on your favorite color. Also try to pick a color that suits your hair type. Like if you have dark hair you could use darker colors ( electric blue is nice imo) unless you want to stand out ,or if you have lighter hair you could try pastel colors!

  • bookhugger45
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    I like light blue

  • gracieboobear
    Post count: 44

    A pastel color not to bright but subtle like a light blue or light pink or orange what ever your heart desires ❤️

  • Anonymous
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    Do something that expresses you personality!!

  • bananagirl7
    Post count: 100

    What is your favorite color? Dye it your favorite color

  • maentdoodle
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    I died my hair purple in a streak once and I really liked it, but I want to try a different color. Any advice? My mom dyes my hair (She has experience) so it’s best if it’s something I can buy a a store for a cheap price.

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