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  • katherin_snow
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    Abaolutely not! She is just being mean unless she just really cant see. She then can just move somewhere else! Don’t cut it off! You should always love yourself and don’t let anyone change you!

  • bri_lamberson12
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    GIRL, be YOU! Keep your Afro and ignore that snob! I’ve been through something like this, I understand.

  • jadelavender
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    NOO!!! They are just being rude. They might even be jealous of your hair and wish they had your hair. I have an Afro too and this has happened to be before too. My friends made me feel better by telling me how much they liked it and it made me feel better. So just ignore that classmate. They’re just being annoying.

  • sabinemarussia
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    Please don’t cut your hair because it is blocking the board. I’ve heard about this before and the truth is that I also wear my hair in an Afro sometimes. I think that it is very important for peers to talk to each other and have more understanding instead of getting mad at each other. It has happened to me where the person sitting in front of me in class , the hairstyle was blocking my view. We do come to school to learn. It can cause a little distraction or may seem annoying to stretch your neck and body to look out so you can see the board. I am very mindful to this and if you use calm language to explain that a very large hairstyle can prevent you from looking at the board. I do feel like if I was to wear my hair in an Afro and I was blocking someone’s view. I would prefer to sit in the back and not cause a distraction or a problem for anyone. I don’t think this is fair and it’s actually a very underrated concern. Although you may feel frustrated, use calm and positive language when expressing to your peer and teacher as well. Someone have to be rational. I hope this helps 😃

  • iamgirlpig
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    No don’t cut it!!

  • rhukelbenson345
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    No! Don’t cut it they could always move their seat. If you don’t want to cut it, don’t.

  • pastelkitten
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    Don’t cut it! Style your hair to make you happy, not to please other people. If it’s truly a problem for her you could ask your teacher if you can change seats. If you don’t want to talk to your teacher then you can just shift how you’re sitting when the class is supposed to be looking forward (like for note-taking).

  • xoxogirls
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    No. Its her problem if your hair is “too big”. #herprob

  • hazel5
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    Cut it if YOU feel like and not under pressure from anybody else! I’m sure they look gorgeous but tell her to sit in the front row ❤️ @leilanies

  • moxxo
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    @leilanies no definitely not! dont cut them, what you can do is suggest that she sits forward,you can try sitting a bit at the back so that it doesnt block other peoples view and hinder their studies,but DONT cut them just because someone got mad at u for being u 💜

  • drawwithmalik
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    oh no don’t cut it. your hair is beautiful.

  • sparkelycorgicorns
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    Absolutely not u do NOT cut it it’s ur hair u rock the heck out of it!❤️

  • ivyrocks
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    No boo , be you keep all your natural beauty they just hating !!!!!!! Soooo keep all your hair.

  • bookhugger45
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    No I have an Afro to and I’m tall so if people have any problem with me being me it’s there fault

  • leilanies
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    I have a lot of hair and my classmate got mad at me Bc of my Afro was blocking the board. Should I cut it off?

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