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  • hazel5
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    Drink loads of water and eat green vegetables!! ❤️ it helped me so I’m sure it will help you!! @jerseykuntz

  • bellasernaa10
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    Wash your face every morning and night and wash your hands a lot and don’t touch ur face, it’s also cus puberty

  • neonpinkkk
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    Hi @jerseykuntz,
    I also have acne. My mom tells me it’s all part of growing up. Soon your zits will go away and your skin will be crystal clear. But there must be patience. I would also recommend washing your face often, using light therapy, zit cream, or a special type of soap.
    Best wishes,
    @neonpinkkk 🦋

  • lovelyprincess123
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    I had a big one I just put pimple cream on

  • rosewater1
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    use some liquid from and I leave gel pill it reduces inflammation and it helps a lot

  • itztrinity
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    Try getting a better diet, plants, fruits, vegetables and decrease the fatty foods! They actually can make you break out! Next, get a good face wash or cleanser! I use Cetaphil and a charcoal face wash. I use a mini moisturizer and I rub banana peel and aloe vera. I also recommend drinking 5-8 glasses of water everyday! My last tip is to try to get a stone like a rose quartz or a jade and put it in the freezer. Use it in the morning to take away puffiness and to feel a refreshing cold cream feeling (and there’s no cream on it at all! :0) I hope this helps!

  • asiadacreativedoggo
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    Oh honey 🍯 . There’s nothing you can do.

  • ballerina-emma
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    Everyone does! It’s apart of growing up! I would recommend getting a awesome face cleanser, moisturizer, and toner that will not make you break out and that is a well brand! One brand I recommend is Pacifica it’s all natural and amazing! Also don’t touch your face and don’t wear as much makeup if you wear it! 💛

  • arudolfi
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    just wash ur face every day and night

  • hooloo21
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    If you wear makeup stop. This will help. Maybe zit cream could help too.

  • harlierose
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    Keep your face clean and don’t pop your zits.

  • queen_teenwolf
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    Use morning burst face wash every shower you take. Use zit cream skin moisturiser and lay off the makeup if you wear any.

  • jerseykuntz
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    so i im geting zits and idk what to do about it

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