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  • blazergirl23
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    Turn the facet to hottest it can go once it is all steamy put your face under the steam! For maximum steam put a towel over your head after you exfoliate!

  • sabinemarussia
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    I don’t have that but I have other skin issues and we use a lot of homemade facemask like Coco powder, oat flour,bentonite clay, lemon juice, coconut milk, Whole milk. Drinking lots of water, sweating and showering not touching your face all helps

  • marmarcie
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    Try to eat only healthy food, don’t touch your face, regularly change your sheets, also use only natural products for washing your skin, mom brought me soap & melt shea butter recently and I started regularly washing my face, also use moisturizer if you have a dry skin!!

  • addicat70
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    1) Drink lots of water.
    2) Try an acne scrub (I use St. Ives green tea scrub)
    3) Don’t use oily makeup
    4) Use less sunscreen or use sunscreen that has no oils in it.
    5) Eat melons as a snack.

  • pemal
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    thanks alot❣️

  • angie_rose99
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    Acne wash! I use the Neutrogina Grapefruit acne wash and it works pretty well!

  • hazel5
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    Drink minimum of 3litres of water EVERYDAY! @pemal tried and tested

    • pemal
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      thank you❣️

  • pemal
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    how to remove acne ,do you have some tips?

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