Wishing for a pup!

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    @akileylove Really late on this boat, but here are some dog recommendations. You might have to scroll down because it’s long. 🙂

    Anything that’s part poodle is a safe bet, like:

    Labradoodles (Labrador and poodle, this is what I have)
    Goldendoodles (Golden retriever and poodle)
    Yorkiepoos (Yorkie and poodle)
    Peekapoos (Pekingese and poodle)
    and many more!

    Other hypoallergenic dog breeds:
    Yorkshire terriers
    Poodles (All 3 sizes)
    Bichon frises
    Chinese Crested (Keep in mind, though, there are two varieties of this, powderpuff, and hairless. Hairless is hypoallergenic because they only have hair in some areas, but are still very cute!)

  • hooloo21
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    Ohh, thanks!

  • akileylove
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    Hey! @hooloo21 there’s no such thing as a stupid question, that’s how you learn things! 🙂 Dog dander is like dandruff from dogs (the flakes of skin that fly off when they scratch). Hypoallergenic means something that will not cause you to have an allergic reaction.

  • hooloo21
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    Just asking @akileylove what is dog dander and hypoallergenic mean? Sorry if this is a stupid question

  • akileylove
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    So, I would really really love to get a puppy one day! My mom says that hopefully someday she will get me one. I am allergic to dog dander, but I can get a hypoallergenic dog!😃 YAY! Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations??

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