Which pet?

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  • bookhugger45
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    @hooloo21 where is the next chapter of your story?

    • hooloo21
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      It might be Sunday or Friday because I have a big test this week and on Saterday I am going to a funeral

  • harlierose
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    I would love to have Panda, Rabbit and Penguin. I wouldn’t like to have Monkeys!

  • alyza
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    i would live love love love to have turtles, ducks, fishes and rabbit. i can’t come up which animal i would not like to have.

  • hooloo21
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    Which pet would you want the most and the least? I would want a dog the most because there really playful a me being childish I love to play! He would also just be there for me so that’s why I would love a 🐶 dog! I would hate to have a fish though bc they live such sort lives and it’s harder to play with a fish🐠..

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